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You compromise only once

There are times when we are running into deadlines and we have to deliver with some compromise on quality.
There are times when your client is very demanding, but with no additional budget.
There are times when your software developer will feel (or he may shout aloud) that you are becoming too finicky about small quality control details.
There are times when your friends will feel that you are being too rigid.
There are times when you feel that this is wrong and I should stop it. But then your Lizard brain asks you to just avoid it.
There are times when you feel you will start exercising, from tomorrow.

The first time is the time when you stand up and act. Because you compromise only once, thereafter it will be a habit.

Be a yardstick of quality. Don’t be flexible in your expectations.
Tell that client that any new changes will be billed afresh. She might feel offended but if you deliver great quality she will understand.
Tell your friends that I can’t be flexible on this. This might feel anti-majority but this is what I feel.
Tell your developer one more time that god lies in details and quality is the most important.

Compromise is Sin.

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com