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Why not?

Do I need to change my job? Shall I wait for another 3 months?
Do I need to start a startup?
Why should I be the one who stands up for this cause?

Every question you ask yourself you are putting yourself in a defensive mode. Reasoning with self is good but asking "do I need to stand up for this?" at the start of reasoning means that subconsciously we've already told our mind that we should not do it. We are reinforcing fear and dissuading courage. Metaphorically this is like you telling yourself that you can’t even run 1 km and then trying to persuade yourself to run a Marathon.

Why not put ourselves in the doer’s shoes and start reasoning/introspection by asking ourselves 'why not?' There are chances that you’ll think from a totally different angle.

Why not change the company?
Why not start a startup?
Why not I stand up for this?

Why, how, are the words for people finding excuses. 'Why not' is for doers. Why not frees you from the shackles of doubt. Doubt is always there, even Mark Zuckerberg was skeptical of Facebook as a company when he started it. In fact, every entrepreneur has been. But why not start a startup? Let’s start up.

When you need to ask yourself any question start with: Why not?

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com