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Treat me as cow, I’ll treat you as bull(shit)

I used to be an avid reader of Sramana’s blog (am not going to link to it) but of late there seems to be an ostentatious drive to increase the hit count for the website. I feel being milked and exploited daily.

These days the blog primarily contains interviews with entrepreneurs/CEOs. Every interview is split into 6-10 parts and posted on daily basis for 6-10 days. Readers do like to read about the experiences of entrepreneurs/CEOs and their stories but if I am interested in an interview, I want to read it all today, in fact Now. If you are acting as a platform to give the right diet to readers then give them the total diet when they want to gorge it and not just show the bait and lure her to increase your site traffic by coming every day to you. This might work for soap operas but definitely not for a blog. There are a few good posts too on the blog but they seem to be drowned in a flood of interview parts.

To make things worse, there is a glaring struggle to commoditize this blog. A couple of people have been recruited and been asked to do interviews. So multiple people post multiple parts of multiple interviews on any given day. This seems like a mess to me. There seems to be a race amongst the interns to churn out more content than others on a daily basis so it’s quantity replacing quality (as applies to any commodity). Dear Sramana, a blog is one’s signature but you made it a rubber stamp and gave it to other people to use and monetize for you.

No doubt that most of the articles don't have even a single comment. Don’t milk the reader. You treat her as a cow she’ll treat you as bull(shit).

Bye, dear. You just lost me.

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com