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Surprise me!


People love positive surprises. They feel pampered and special when something/someone amazes them. It is the surprise that makes people travel across the world to visit different places to see different cultures, nature, or history. Creative advertisements surprise people and we tend to remember those products/services better/longer whose story surprises us.

Discounts are also a form of positive surprise (omg, 30% discount on my favorite clothing!) that makes people flock to shops. Touch-screen computers are surprising people that computers can be so easy to handle; hence they are and will be so popular. An easy-to-use product feature surprises you every time you use it and forces you to stay longer with that product.

It is beyond doubt that pleasant surprises work wonders for relationships. So create positive surprises and your customer will surprise you back with their warmth and their prolonged association.

Did you surprise someone today?

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com