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Startup block

Good talkers never get talker's block and many writers never get writer’s block. The gist is that when you talk, keep on talking, and then talk some more, you produce golden words during that journey. The same applies to writing. It might seem that few people produce excellent speech or excellent writing every single time they deliver. That’s an illusion. Because behind that great quality published work there lies tons of unpublished work. It’s rightly said that it takes 20 years to become an overnight success.

There is no startup block. If you keep looking for that perfect idea, perfect execution plan, perfect team, or perfect infrastructure, it will never work. Sorry if that seems offhand but that’s the truth. Ideate, execute, and repeat this till you hit the bull’s eye. There is no right team, no right plan, or no right time. You have to get your hands dirty and try several things because it’s only in that journey that you’ll bump into the right thing. Get out of that starter block of yours and start playing the game. It will work. For sure.

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