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Presentation mirage

People claim grandiose things, portray their best selves, and promise the moon in presentations. Is your management team claiming a lot in presentations? ‘Accrued saving of $50,000’, ‘possible saving of $225,000’, blah blah. Does this sound familiar? Why do all the presentations make things look good, rosy, and optimistic?

People claim tall in presentations because:

  • Presentations are not connected with any statistical database so fabricated claims can’t be impromptu cross-verified
  • Presentations are never stored in any centralized repository. So whatever claims made last quarter are already forgotten so you can make fresh big delusive claims, yet again, and earn accolades.
  • Presentations are short, one side communication meetings. People don’t ask the right questions because of the ever-pervasive ‘time shortage’. When few people do ask some probing questions, they are replied with mundane gibberish jargon for every question. No more cross-questions asked as that might seem argument and people shy away from arguments in meetings. Am good to you, you all remain good to me doesn’t solve anything.

Don’t fall prey to delusional claims.
Make sure all claims are verified, tracked, and monitored against a centralized statistics repository. Don’t allow people to give you some general jargoned nice circuitous answer to your question. Ask the right question and expect the right direct answer. Anything less is blasphemy.
Don’t feel guilty that you might put people in a fix in the meeting. Don’t give people leeway on their non-performance.
Be the yardstick of quality, to yourself, to others, always.

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com