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I’ve done all that I can do

Can you say "I’ve done all that I can do"? Or do you feel a tinge of remorse and recall the things that you could have done but didn’t?

I was reading a biography of Steve Jobs when this line hit me like a thunderbolt. Jobs said this on the day he relinquished his CEO post at Apple (2011). That evening author of his biography (Walter Isaacson) came to meet him. By this time Jobs have already been suffering from bouts of cancer for several years and he was well aware that he was about to die.

I am very certain that there must minuscule percentage of people who could say this at the dusk of their life or at the end of any day. We all run in life after immediate short-term goals like a headless chicken. Can you say this today? If not, then this is the time to do whatever you think you can. 'I wish I could have', 'I should have', 'given a chance', are all excuses. Stop living the life of someone else’s image of you. Stop living by other people’s advice, recommendation, or lessons. Go live your Dream. Do whatsoever you think you can do. Forget social assumptions and norms. Drop people’s expectations. They are all bullshit. You know what you can do and you are right.

Live to say: I’ve done all that I can do.

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