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If you’re in doubt, do it

Our ecosystem – education, family, or society – is hell-bent on creating intellectual midgets. We are taught to be Always Right. We are taught, “If you’re in doubt, don’t”. We are taught not to make a fool of ourselves by doing anything anti-majority. We are taught to avoid people's mockery. We are taught to avoid confrontation. We are taught to feign omniscience and not ask a question even if we don’t know something. We are taught not to tell people that they are wrong, even if they are wrong. We are taught to avoid and ignore things/people. We are taught not to question authorities, rules, traditions, processes, and so-called intelligentsia. We are taught directly, indirectly, and surreptitiously to be a midget.

You need to fight everyone, even yourself, to avoid this midget trap.

Try things.
Make mistakes.
Do it.

Even lovable Steve Jobs preached ‘Stay hungry, Stay Foolish’.

If you are in doubt, Do it.

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