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Certainly, it's Love

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Sometimes something seems so interesting, enchanting, riveting that you feel that you are in love with that thing. But then due to certain circumstances, you move on. Then you wonder was that really Love? What do I really love? What are the things that are just a fad, what are the things that I do/did for the heck of it, and what are the things that are just chance occurrences? How do I differentiate them from my real passion or real Love?

Then, one fine day, that thing comes back to you (or you go back to it). That time you realize that you didn’t really move from that thing. It just got subdued in a flux of other things in life. This time, again, you can claim that it's a mere reemergence of infatuation with that thing. But your real Love will happen to you again and again, then again. It will keep calling you back.

If you feel that you are in love with some Business idea and really want to execute it, give it some time to settle down. Till then toy with some other idea/thing. If that idea is your real calling, you will go back to it and you'll implement it. Here am not preaching procrastination in the garb of finding love. If you find your Love first time itself it's just stupendous. But it's certain if you come back to something you have far more conviction than the first time and you develop unflinching faith in your idea by this.

Once you realize you love something just stick to it. Don’t dally. Don’t leave it again. If you let it go, you will come back to it for sure but you would have lost some of the most beautiful time by then.

You can extrapolate this to human beings as well. It’s all the same.

Find your calling.

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com