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101 blog templates that are not for me

BlogTemplate.jpg As soon as I started writing this blog I realized that blog presentation must be reader-friendly. No doubt, the content of the blog is the king but along with content if the blog is presentable enough to read then it’s like you can have your cake and eat it too. By presentable blog, I mean that blog should not be very flashy, must have good font and color combination, and soothing background settings. (I am not writing about how to make a blog presentable so I won’t delve further into it. Google already shows millions of sites on this topic). So to make my blog presentable I started looking for a suitable template.

Google nearly has an answer to all my queries (or at least directs me to the right answer). ‘Blog template’ search gave me millions of results back. I scanned through 8-10 websites to find the template I was looking for but all the templates that I saw were like commodity/goods and presented no customization to me. The blog template that I want should be according to my needs and not according to anyone else’s whims and fancies. I feel a blog template is highly subjective to an individual’s needs and desires. You just can’t pick and use some flowery/sunset/green/historical/random-colored template for your blog. If you are a serious blogger then your blog is your signature and you can’t design your signature on someone else’s wish. So I discarded hundreds of templates as they didn't suit my style. So here comes this idea.

Why can’t we make a web-based 'blog template creator' application? Any blog template basically is some flavor or permutation of font, color, columns, boxes, background, and image (please point out in case I missed something). The application will give people the freedom to arrange these flavors according to their wishes. Seems like a very simple thing but this can lead to customer delight and give people's blogs a unique identity. Currently, some people are charging 100s of dollars just to make a blog template that suits your persona. Once this 'blog template creator' application is launched people will throng to try it out. This application will be amongst the best example of tailor-made service given to the customer.

PS: This post was originally posted on hoodasaurabh.blogspot.com